Octopus Apparel opens it's online-store

Finally our new fashion label OCTOPUS APPAREL open it’s virtual gates for the online-store.

After months of hard work with long nights, blood, sweat and tears today the day has come to start with our online-store and bring this idea to the next level. We are so proud to present you our first fashion line in our

Winter/Spring Collection 2013

  • Octopus Apparel
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We would like to thank all of those who believed in us and supported us on Facebook. YOU ARE AWESOME!

A big “THANK YOU!” also goes out to our Octopus Models who didn’t complain about the weather conditions during our shooting on 10. February 2013 and made a beautiful job.

And last but not least we bow in awe to the goddess of photography Ann Buster.

You brought this to a whole new level! Thank you so much!

We hope you’ll enjoy our products and have fun with our website!

Yours truely,